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THAT COSPLAY IS SO RAD!!!! Ahhhhhh. (Also was that bell expensive?)

Tee Hee. It’s not a bell. It’s a silver* goblet / wine cup that I hacksawed the end off of and epoxied a bead to. Then I just painted the handle brown and the bead antique gold.

So it has no ringer on the inside. However, all the bells in my pouches are actual bells. I never even took them out once. They were noisy enough in the pouches ding-a-ling-ing all day long.

*(I mean colour, not metal, It’s probably some cheap mystery metal)

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I had four people recognise my Abhorsen costume at FanExpo Vancouver!

My surcoat is hand-dyed with a fade from dark to light blue on raw silk. I carved the stamp and did all the hand-stamping once the dying was done.

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by Nick Lepard


by Nick Lepard

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How To Cast & Mold Armor




  1. Planning and Referencing
  2. Body Casting
  3. Sculpting
  4. Casting
  5. Molding the Armor
  6. Attaching and Fitting
  7. Electronics
  8. Painting

To everyone asking me about armor making: I haven’t gone through all of this but I bet this is a good resource to look into! :)

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Recycled Art by Jane Perkins

UK-based artist Jane Perkins obtains her inspiration in found objects. She uses anything from toys, shells, buttons, beads, jewelry etc. as material for her re-interpreted contemporary art. Perkins states that she doesn’t add any color, her work comes out of spontaneously placed small pieces of right size and shape.

Inspired by impressionist artist and famous portraits, Perkins achieves a mesmerizing effect in her creations. Her work keeps your eyes attached from a distance view and a close-up as well. So many interesting small pieces perfectly arranged to masterpieces.

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Ryan Mauskopf

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Michael Cinco Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2013/2014 at Fashion Forward, Dubai

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"The Elizabeth Taylor Ceremonial Cape from Cleopatra is an ornately designed piece made of thin panels of gold-painted leather adorned with hand-stitched gold bugle beads, seed beads and bead-anchored sequins.”

From the 1963 film.

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▣ Frozen (2013) visual development, by Lisa Keene

Scans from The Art of Frozen

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